“Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own.”

Let’s take a break from fashion for a minute and give a shout out to mothers everywhere. Stay-at-home mothers are simply incredible and working mothers have a different dynamic to balance as well. Despite what some may think, a stay-at-home mother works her fanny off. As much as we love our children, and that love is impossible to describe, being a stay-at-home mother is so much work. But honestly, I think it is the most rewarding and humbling job that any woman (and man in some situations) take on. The working mother is equally incredible. The working mother has to keep an impeccable schedule and calendar, balance meal planning, and do everything else that the home requires to keep it afloat as well as report to work. Hard is an understatement. I can relate to both, because I have been both the stay-at-home mom as well as the working mom. Both have their own battles and rewards and I find it foolish when one tries to judge the other. Not every mother is given the opportunity to stay at home and some who have that option and choose to work, well that is for them to decide.

Let’s face it…there are a handful of working mothers who want to stay at home with their babies and stay-at-home mothers who find it incredibly frustrating at times and want to return to work, but I think if we stop for a moment and reflect on both the stay-at-home mother as well as the working mother, they are both deeply incredible in their own way.

I know some really incredibly successful women and mothers, both as working mothers as well as stay-at-home mothers and each of these women were raised in different dynamics and environments. Some had the blessings of having a stay-at-home mother and others had the blessings of having a working mother. There is so much our children can learn from both.

So, before anyone is quick to judge, let’s encourage one another in our pursuit as mother’s; stay-at-home or working. Let’s create a community of mothers who can lean on one another and pass along the blessings that each of us receive, because each of us face the struggles in some capacity when raising children.

I encourage each and every mother to live an intentional life and do something each day that will have an impact on their children for the rest of their lives and into eternity.

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