Fashion is in the eye of the beholder.  I believe when referencing the Dictionary as we all have time for that these days, the definition for fashion should read, “Whatever makes you feel sexy and confident.”  You want to wear stripes with plaids; then rock those stripes and plaids.  Brown on black?  Whoever said that was a fashion faux pas?  I personally think the two have a magical love affair when paired together.  Yes, it is true there is certainly a line in the fashion world that many of us dare not cross, but that line is slowly being demolished and individuality is FINALLY starting to take a stance.  Let’s take a look at the European fashion trends.  I think it is safe to say that they busted through the norm of this so called fashion faux pas and they took the fashion world by storm.  The European fashion really doesn’t require any type of standard or rule book.  I think we can all agree that their style is fabulous.  So get in your closet and get creative.  Tis the season for clothes and lots of them.   

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